SHiO-KOJI cultured vegetables

serves 4  

Cultured Vegetables
300g Assortment of seasonal vegetables ( 2-3 kinds ): Cut into thin slices
1-2 teaspoon shio-koji

1 medium size plate
Fill up water in a small sized bowl


1. Put vegetable and shio-koji in a large bowl. Gently mix through.
2. Place a plate smaller than the bowl over the vegatables, then place a smaller bowl filled with water on the plate as a weight. Leave them about 30 minutes to 1 hour until water comes out of vegetable.
3. Gently squeeze some water out of the vegetables by hand and serve.

* Add lemon juice, dried fruits or nuts for variation


季節の野菜(2〜3種類)  300g:千切りにする
塩こうじ         小さじ1〜2


中サイズの皿       1枚


1. 大きめのボウルに切った野菜を入れて、塩こうじを加え、やさしく混ぜる
2. 重石をする。野菜の上に重石用の皿をのせて、その上に水を張ったボウルをのせ30分〜1時間おく。野菜から水が上がったらできあがり
3. 野菜から出た水を軽く手で絞っていただく