KOJI Products by Soramame


■ What is KOJI?    日本語はこちら>>
Koji is the name given to the culture that has been used widely in Japan for thousands of years to create a variety of fermented products such as soy sauce, tamari, miso, saké and vinegar. Koji is a traditional Japanese probiotic.

■ Soramame’s KOJI Products
Soramame’s KOJI products are hand made in Australia, using the finest natural ingredients. Our products are made with non-GMO rice koji, Australian organic brown rice, organic tamari, natural sea salt and purified water. All our products are gluten, dairy and sugar free and contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

Soramame’s KOJI products are unique in that they are freshly fermented resulting in a softer, more rounded and versatile flavour as well as maintaining the health benefits of probiotics. Our products are made to order as KOJI is a live culture.

Soramame is the only maker of naturally brewed, high quality koji products in NSW.

What are the health benefits?
Koji like other fermented foods help to aid digestion, promote intestinal health, boost the immune system, improve fatigue recovery and aids in beautifying skin, whilst helping to balance cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

■ How is it used?

Koji products have been used traditionally in Japanese cooking for its delicious, distinctive flavour. The flavour and health benefits of koji products have now been widely recognised and is now used by top chefs around the world.

When used in cooking, the enzymes in koji break down food proteins to produce amino acids. These amino acids are responsible for creating umami, a natural richness in glutamate that enhances the flavour of the food.

‘We have been using Soramame’s koji for years now! We love it and it’s very different from the one you buy made on a big scale. Keiko also came to teach us how to make miso. She is just amazing!’ 
– Federico Zanellato, chef, LuMi Dining www.lumidining.com/ 

Where can I find Soramame’s range of KOJI Products?

■ All products are made to order: ORDER NOW>>
*Please allow 2 weeks for orders as all our KOJI products are freshly fermented to retain its flavour and health benefits. Over 3 L of KOJI products, we can deliver to Sydney CBD and Bondi area, or an additional cost for areas outside the CBD and Bondi.

■ Purchase and pick up your order:
Pick up your delicious KOJI products Kings Cross Organic Food Market “True blue organics”.
*Order and pick up time booking essential

Or please order from “True blue organics online order” the following:

*As koji is a live culture it needs to be refrigerated upon pick up 

Start using KOJI products to promote health and add umami for your favourite dishes!

Ama-KOJI (GF) nutritious and delicious as a quick and easy dessert, or as a natural sweetener. Great for baking or adding to your favourite smoothie! Made from organic brown rice and live koji cultures. Non alcoholic.
*Ama-KOJI available in 1000ml only and made to order. 

SHiO-KOJI(GF) rich in enzymes and brings out the umami in foods. Use it in the place of salt to impart a rounded savoury flavour. Its mild flavour profile makes it versatile and suitable for a variety of dishes. Great for marinating protein (fish, meat, tofu) and pasta sauces! Made from natural sea salt and live koji cultures.
*SHiO KOJI Available in 500ml

TAMARi-KOJI (GF) rich in enzymes and brings out the umami in foods. Use it to impart a  delicious savoury flavour. Great for dressings, stir fries and BBQ! Made from organic tamari and live koji cultures.

*TAMARi-KOJI available in 1000ml only and made to order.