Miso making in August


Let’s make Miso from scratch without msg or artificial additives.
●Handmade Miso
●Brown rice balls
●Seasonal vegetable miso soup
●Small deshies

Make Miso traditional way, Using Organic soy beans, Koji culture and sea salt.

Concerned about your intake of  preservatives, animal fats and sugar?  Without the need for pre-packaged products with all of their nasties, this series of workshops will teach you to make traditional Japanese Miso from scratch!

Handmade Miso
Brown rice balls
●Seasonal vegetable miso soup
●Small dishes (these will be prepared for you before the class)

*You will take about 400-500g miso home with you to rest for a year. It will be worth the waite!!!
*Containers for the miso will be provide.

Sun 4 Aug
Mon 5 Aug……Full

-Time: 11:00am(Each session is 3 hours/ incl. sit down lunch)
-Venue: Soramame Kitchen, 7-8 mins walk from Bondi Junction Station. We will advise you of the exact address once your booking has been confirmed.
-Fees: $90pp (incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a sit down meal and healing tea)
-Class size: 2-5 people
-Bring your own apron 

*Bookings  essential>>>