Miso making

Let’s make Miso from scratch without msg or artificial additives.
●Handmade Miso
●Brown rice balls
●Seasonal vegetable miso soup
●Small deshies

Make Miso traditional way, Using Organic soy beans, Koji culture and sea salt.

Concerned about your intake of  preservatives, animal fats and sugar?  Without the need for pre-packaged products with all of their nasties, this series of workshops will teach you to make traditional Japanese Miso from scratch!

Brown rice balls
Seasonal vegetable miso soup
Small dishes (these will be prepared for you before the class)

*You will take about 400-500g miso home with you to rest for a year. It will be worth the waite!!!
*Containers for the miso will be provide.

-Dates:Sun 4 Aug, Mon 5 Aug
-Time: 11:00am(Each session is 3 hours/ incl. sit down lunch)
-Venue: Soramame Kitchen, 7-8 mins walk from Bondi Junction Station. We will advise you of the exact address once your booking has been confirmed.
-Fees: $90pp (incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a sit down meal and healing tea)
-Class size: 2-5 people
-Bring your own apron

*Bookings  essential>>>