Cooking Workshop in Feb

This workshop will teach you to make easy everyday meals from scratch!
Karaage ●Ponzu+Daikon
●Brown rice+Goma-shio ●Pressed salad
●Seasonal vegetable miso soup
●Black sesame custard pudding

 Everyday meals from scratch with macrobiotics.

Concerned about your intake of  preservatives, animal fats and sugar?  Without the need for pre-packaged products with all of their nasties, this series of workshops will teach you to make everyday meals from scratch with ease!

We will make Seitan(gluten meat) from organic flour. Then create a very popular Japanese dish "Karaage". It is normally made of chicken but we are not going to use any meat!! It is juicy and delicious.

-Dates: Sat 25, Mon 27, Feb 2012
-Time: 11:00am (Duration 3.5-4 hrs/ incl. eating time)
-Fees: $90pp (incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a sit down lunch and healing tea)
-Class size: 3-9 people
-Bring your own apron 

*Bookings  essential>>>