Spring & Summer Japanese pickles @Gojyuan 豪寿庵

Pickling is growing in popularity in Sydney!!
Join us and learn how to make 3 kind of traditional Japanese “Tsukemono” for Spring and Summer. This time you will take some tsukemono home with you to rest for a 1-3 days. It will be worth the wait!!!
*Tsukemono and Zuke mean pickles.


●Nuka pickles ヌカ漬け
Nuka pickles are a very popular style of pickles in Japan. They contain lots of enzymes, minerals, Vitamin B12 and other essential vitamins. We will teach you how to make nuka doko(base) from scratch.
誰でも一度は憧れるおっかさんの味「ヌカ漬け」をヌカ床から作ります。ヌカ漬けは好きだけど毎日かき混ぜるの面倒だし、手が臭う〜、と思うでしょ? 毎日混ぜなくても大丈夫なヌカ床の保存法、ダメになったかも、という時の対処法も教えます。手はヌカ効果ですべすべに♪ 暑い夏に冷たいヌカ漬けでビタミンB12も補給〜!

●Cucumber tamari zuke (pickles) キュウちゃん風タマリ醤油漬け
Cucumber tamari pickles are a popular all places in Japan.  You may saw TV commercial “Q chan”. We are going to make similar one without any artificial additive.

●Lemon zuke(lemon and radish pickles) ラディッシュのさっぱりレモン漬け
This is arrange version of yuzu zuke. We will use lemon instead of yuzu this time. Enjoy crunchy and refreshing taste.

●Tofu feta 豆腐フェタ(塩麹漬け)
Tofu marinated with Japanese probiotic condiment SHiO-KOJI. It is amazingly delicious!!

●Refreshment(we’ll prepare lovely organic bancha tea)

*You will take some zuke home with you to rest for a 1-3 days. It will be worth the wait!!!
*Please bring 3 or 4 small containers for the zuke take home.
*You can also purchase soramame’s koji products on the day. Participant special: 1 for $10 or 2 for $18

-Date and Time: *1 day cooking
Sunday 26 September 11:30am-1:30pm
Sunday 24 October 1:00pm-3:00pm

-Venue: Gojyuan: 208 Darling Street Balmain NSW 2041
-Fee: $98pp(incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a tasting Tsukemono and bancha tea)
-Class size: 6 people (during COVID, we are limiting the workshops to 6 people.)

*Booking essencial direct to Gojyuan>>