Sun 1 Dec “Living with Nature -Natural Life Gathering”

Natural Life Gathering introduces ways in which we can live in harmony with nature. Through thought provoking talks and casual discussion, the event encourages the consideration of the importance of our relationship with nature in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Let’s increase the depth of our understanding of the earth, nature and our bodies over a casual Sunday gathering of like-minded people.

The theme of Natural Life Gathering part 6 is ‘vegetables and grains for a peaceful daily life’. We highlight the impact a diet free from meat, fish, eggs, dairy and sugar, can have on the health and well being of both our bodies and the earth. With vegetables and grains, we can live everyday more peacefully in a peaceful world.

The speakers:

“Happy vegetarian life” by Yoshiko Takeuchi

“Foundations of natural farming” by Sano from Cowra natural farm

“Food’s influence on happiness” by Keiko from SORAMAME

On sale on the day: Fresh naturally farmed vegetables (availability will depend upon harvest), Natural cosmetics (i-White), Hand made sweets, Vegan ‘gyu don’ style rice bowl and more, There will also be a raffle with lots of fun prizes!

*The all images are from previous natural life gathering.

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Date: Sun 1 Dec 2013 

Doors open: 10:00

Start: 10:30-13:00

Venue: Crows Nest Centre, Level 2/Johnson Hall, Ernest Place, Crows Nest “Free parking”

Admission: $20 (children enter for free)  

Capacity: Maximum 100 persons. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Enquiries: 0411 151 522 Yukari or 0404 356 433 Yoshi

Brought to you by: The earth life improvement committee, Soramame

Proudly supported by: The Kitanodai development (Cowra natural farm), Tak’s farm, i-White, Hondarake, CARWARI and more


* The hall will be set up in a relaxed way with rugs and cushions

* There will be a short circulatory system exercise session, so please wear comfortable clothing

*  If you would like to purchase tea or food on the day, please bring your own cup and spoon, and don’t forget to bring a bag for your shopping!