Macrobiotics made easy?

What is a macrobiotic diet?
sora・mame aims to provide all those people who are worn out from work, have their hands full raising children, were never very good at cooking and are busy with life, with easy and simple tips for a macrobiotic diet from Australia.A macrobiotic diet has been popular among people who are interested in their own health but many still think ‘It is good for the health but to take on the yin-yang system sounds too difficult’, ‘Working full time won’t allow me to spend time in the kitchen’, ‘It’s too difficult to do intricate cooking when the children are small’, ‘But I have a partner who loves meat’, and ‘It’s hard to get those ingredients in Australia’. For all those reasons they are unable to learn about the diet.
But don’t worry! If you can change your frame of your mind a little, you can cook simple, healthy and hearty meals based on a macrobiotic diet. And your body will be healthier from inside to out by just eating those meals. Isn’t that wonderful?日本語はこちら>>
About macrobiotics

Unlike conventional approaches to nutrition, macrobiotics looks at food as having Yin/Yang/Chuyo(neutral) qualities which can create harmony or disharmony in the body depending on the balance of intake. Organic vegetables, grains, seaweed and legumes produced locally and eaten whole, as much as possible, is at the heart of the macrobiotic approach. Macrobiotics is a way of life that encompasses not only the health and well being of humans but also that of the earth.You can experience change both physically and mentally from the diet if you continuously take meals cooked with a minimum amount of meat, fish, dairy, sugar and no MSG, which are also delicious as well.
Mr Sakurazawa, was the father of macrobiotics from Japan and established the macrobiotic methods that applied the Eastern Medicine theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements of food in the Taisho Period (1912-1926). He treated many illnesses including his own.
Mr. Michio Kushi studied under Mr Sakurazawa and later, has expanded his own theory. He established the Kushi Institute in Boston USA where he is also the president. He is still continuously spreading the methodology and importance of a macrobiotic diet to the world including the USA, Europe and Asia.
In 2004 the Kushi Institute was established in Japan.
Now many celebrities such as Madonna, Sting, former US President Clinton, Ryuichi Sakamoto take those methods in their daily life.