Traditional Japanese pickles @Gojyuan 豪寿庵

Pickling is growing in popularity in Sydney!!
Join us and learn how to make 4 kind of traditional Japanese “Tsukemono” for Autumn and Winter. This time you will take some tsukemono home with you to rest for a 1-3 days. It will be worth the wait!!!

*Tsukemono and Zuke mean pickles.


●Hakusai Zuke(Won bok pickles ) 白菜漬け
Hakusai Zuke, a very popular style of pickles in Japan. They contain lots of enzymes and minerals. We will teach you how to make delicious pickles.

●Takuan(pickles) 沢庵(タクアン)
Takuan is a staple food for Japanese people, made using daikon(white raddish). Traditionally, takuan is made by drying the daikon first, followed by a long and complex series of steps. We will use ama-koji and shio-koji to make a quick and easy takuan!
日本人ならいつも食べたい味。本当の沢庵は大根を干してから漬けますが、手間がかかり、干す場所も必要なので、フラット暮らしでもできる干さずに漬ける簡単タクアン風を作ります。でも味は本格的! ヌカの代わりに玄米甘麹を使います

●Gari(pickles) ガリ
Gari is sliced ginger picked in sweet plum vinegar. Normally sitting next to sushi. Let’s make mild and delicious Gari with us.

●Shio-Koji zuke(pickles) 塩麹漬け
Shio koji is sliced any fresh vegetables picked in shio koji. It is very popular pickles from our recipes.

●Refreshment(we’ll prepare lovely organic bancha tea)

*You will take some zuke home with you to rest for a 1-3 days. It will be worth the wait!!!
*Please bring 3 or 4 small containers for the zuke take home.
*You can also purchase soramame’s koji products on the day. Participant special: 1 for $10 or 2 for $18

-Date: Sunday 28 March *1day cooking
-Time: 11:30am-1:30pm
-Venue: Gojyuan: 208 Darling Street Balmain NSW 2041
-Fee: $98pp(incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a tasting Tsukemono and bancha tea)
-Class size: 6 people (during COVID, we are limiting the workshops to 6 people.)

*Booking essencial direct to Gojyuan>>

*Please bring your own apron.
*Most of the ingredients are organic or biodynamic.
*This is a hands on cooking class, so we ask that you remove any hand jewellery and may ask you to wear gloves if you have nail art.
*If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know when you are booking.
*Koji products from Soramame Koji House will be available for purchase at a special price for participants on the day. Participant special: 1 for $10 or 2 for $18

*Booking essencial direct to Gojyuan>>


日本人ならいつも食べたい味。本当の沢庵は大根を干してから漬けますが、手間がかかり、干す場所も必要なので、フラット暮らしでもできる干さずに漬ける簡単タクアン風を作ります。でも味は本格的! ヌカの代わりに玄米甘麹を使います