Traditional Japanese home remedies recipe at “Gojyuan”

Concerned about your intake of medicine? What are the side effects and cost of continuous use of pharmaceutical medicines? Come and learn about alternative remedies that can gently and effectively relieve symptoms through Macrobiotics.

In these classes, we will teach you how you can use ingredients found in the kitchen to heal injuries as well as treat ailments like the common cold and headaches. There is a discount for participants attending both sessions! 


Session 1: Mon 9th March
Learn how to make remedial drinks to alleviate fever, stomachaches, headaches, hangovers, eczema, depression, uterine and ovarian problems, diabetes, low blood sugar levels and more. 

Other remedies covered in this session also include tonics that relieve cold and hay fever symptoms as well as eye drops and a p
laster for injuries, sprains and fever.

Session 2: Mon 16th March
In this session you will learn how to make remedial drinks for blood pressure, heart, kidney, liver, gallbladder, coughs and lungs; an ointment for hair loss and more! 
-Time: 1:00pm (Session is 2 hours both classes)

-Venue: Gojyuan/ 208 Darling St. Balmain 

-Fees: 1 session $105pp, 2 sessions $180pp(incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, sweets and healing tea)

-Class size: 5-10 people

-Bring your own apron 

*If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know when you are booking.

*Direct booking to Gojyuan: